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Fantasy Guild Productions specializes in exclusive dance adventures of a lifetime. Each of our rich, cultural odysseys introduces
you to the remarkable dance traditions that have flourished in diverse regions around the world. We invite you to join us
as we embark on these enchanting escapades in luxury and style!

2016 Dates to be Announced Soon!
Attend the world's most prestigious ballroom competition: the Blackpool Dance Festival!  From here, experience the gorgeous Lake District and historic Bath, ending with five spectacular days in 2012's Olympic city, London.  Enjoy all of the rich history, shopping and entertainment the grand city has to offer!

Dec. 28th 2014 - Jan. 4th 2015
Ring in the New Year at Vienna's Imperial Ball in the
Hofburg Palace; then tour Budapest, Hungary
one of Europe's most intriguing cities.


April 2015